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The profile of Hiroyuki & Kyoko.

IGMA Fellow JG Artisann

Hiroyuki & Kyoko  
Miniature Artists

 Welcome to our web site.

We are Hiroyuki Kimura and Kyoko Mikai, both miniature artists and IGMA Fellow members.
Hiroyuki's speciality is animal figure, Kyoko's speciality is plants in IGMA.
We usually make plants together for the miniature show.
However we make other miniatures and dollhouses.
We have ever showed our works at some Dollhouse exhibition in Japan.
We exhibit to the miniature show in the United States and Japan every year. 

You can see our works at any show, Kansas City Toy and Miniature Museum and
Kentucky Gateway Museum Center.

★ Hiroyuki

★ Kyoko

■ Show Infomation ( We exhibit to the miniature show as follows. )

Chicago International ( Chicago / U.S.A. ) * every April
JG Miniature Show in OSAKA( Osaka / Japan ) *every May
IGMA Show ( New Jersey / U.S.A. ) * every August
JG Miniature Show in TOKYO ( Tokyo / Japan ) *every November

■ Other ( School etc. )

JG instructor
Guild School ( IGMA ) instructor